Thursday, July 10, 2014

So much for Perry's "no handshake" toughness

After making a big deal about not greeting or shaking President Obama's hand upon arrival in a Texas city, Governor Rick Perry did just that when Mr. Obama returned for a fundraiser Wednesday.

Huffington Post cites a White House pool report:
Perry, in a dark suit and blue tie, stood alone for a couple minutes at the bottom of the steps, awaiting the president. 
Obama walked straight to Perry, hand outstretched. They shook hands and Obama patted Perry on the back. They quickly struck up a conversation as they walked toward Marine One. Sadly, the pool was far out of range and could not hear the discussion.
Perry reportedly agreed to the greeting after the president agreed to discuss with him the current border immigration crisis as the president hopped to his fundraiser in Dallas aboard Marine One.

So much for Rick Perry's tough guy stance. Can we assume unilateral action by Texas to secure its stretch of the border is off the table?

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