Friday, July 11, 2014

The media's selective outrage

Suddenly, the Left leaning main stream media insists that the flood of immigrants hitting our border is driven by high levels of crime and violence in countries to our south.

Want an example? CNN's Ashley Banfield compares these immigrants to refugees escaping a war zone:

If violence south of our border is the issue, where were these voices of outrage when elements of President Obama's DOJ was arming drug cartels through Operation Fast and Furious?

There was no outrage by American media commentators as hundreds of people in Mexico as well as two U.S. federal agents were killed with guns supplied through ATF and Fast and Furious.

How many of the guns walked to the cartels through Fast and Furious are still being used to stir violence in Mexico or Central America; violence the Left now says is the direct cause of our border crisis?

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  1. What crime and violence? Guatamala's ambassador says that there isn't any in Guatemala....that it has dropped since the civil war they had decades ago. The crime is north of them in Mexico.

    So these illegal aliens are voluntarily entering a war zone and traversing it to get here.