Friday, July 4, 2014

The mess on the border? Obama and the Dems created it

Excerpted from Chicks on the Right:
Obama has spent a huge part of his presidency showcasing various kids who are here in the US illegally, calling them "Dreamers" and inviting us all to hear their sad tales of how they came here with their parents (or without) and just wanted to be productive and contribute to society, and basically telling us we should embrace them all with open arms because they're just like you and me.  Pelosi says EVERYONE is American, and basically wants to adopt every kid who's crossed the border recently.  Liberals' hearts are bleeding all over the place, and they've blathered on for months and months about how we need to offer amnesty and just let everyone come on in.  Obama's own department of justice SUED ARIZONA for simply trying to enforce federal immigration laws already on the books. 
And now, it's like they're SHOCKED - SHOCKED I TELL YOU - that throngs of kids are coming by the truckloads, when they've basically been encouraging it since they came into office.

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