Thursday, July 24, 2014

Where's the Muslim outrage?

The radical Islamic front ISIS has declared that women in Mosul, Iraq must undergo female circumcision.

I've yet to see or hear any sign of outrage from so-called "moderate" Muslim communities or factions.

The Palestinian cause bragged of putting over 10,000 demonstrators in the streets of Chicago to protest Israeli military ops in Gaza. And Chicago's was just one of such anti-Israeli demonstrations.

Will those who marched in Chicago, and elsewhere, also rally to condemn the mutilation of girls and women under the so-called Caliphate being established in parts of Iraq and Syria?

Update: There are now reports that the ISIS female circumcision story is a hoax. Did the UN get it wrong, or are ISIS and its apologists now backtracking after realizing this was an overstep?

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  1. Hey Doug;

    The moderate muslims are afraid to say anything because if they appear less "Pius" then the radicals will turn on them. It is Chicago because I guarantee it got turned into a "white nation" vs a "brown nation" so it became a racial rally for the cause. Perhaps I am full of crap.....but I doubt it.