Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Facebook "like" is not necessarily a political endorsement

From: Facebook
I know a Republican who tells me she "liked" a Democrat campaign's Facebook page merely so she could follow what the campaign is up to.

Well, it seems Facebook took her "like" and her friend's list, and used it to target me with an ad in my Facebook timeline on behalf of a paying political client.

The campaign in question is Michelle Nunn's.

I got a screen grab of Nunn's Facebook timeline ad, including the "like" mentions at the top (but redacted my friend's name before posting here). The ad, marked as "sponsored," linked to Nunn's campaign Facebook page.

Gotta remember people, when you see ads like this, a Facebook "like" is not necessarily synonymous with a political endorsement.

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  1. Hey Doug,

    the political weenies at the AJC are overwhelming liberal, of course they will carry her water. I expect no less. Perdue will have to target her as an out of touch elitist that would blindly support Obama and his agenda from D.C and play that in the heartlands of GA. The state political machine will back Nunn because that what liberal elitist do.