Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A tale of small town bully cops

Seems tales of heavy handed police with militarized trappings can happen even in quiet, tiny hamlets. 

Seems the police chief in small town Barry Township, Michigan brought in several dozen unpaid reserve officers... and keeps a couple of federal surplus armored personal carriers under wraps in a garage.

The Detroit Free Press reports some of the locals have had more than enough:
“These cops came into town with a vendetta, thinking they were going to tame this town,” said longtime resident Steve Lincks, who lives in the apartment above Tujax Tavern. “This town was tamed 40 years ago.” 
Constance Cheeseman, the Hastings Banner reporter who has been covering the township meetings, said people are fed up. 
“I can’t help feeling that this community is appalled that the police force thinks this is a rough-and-tumble community that requires police monitoring,” she said.
Others in Barry Township seem to think a coarsening society requires a heavier hand.

What's happening in Barry Township may not be typical, but in many law enforcement circles, emphasis seems to be shifting away from the more laid back policing practices of the past to something else. In some circumstances, the concept of a policing public servant may have morphed into a mindset of public master.

Seen any changes in police practices or philosophy where you live?

Are you paying enough attention to notice?

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