Sunday, August 10, 2014

America lacks leadership

America now stumbles in the face of many challenges. The rise of ISIS, now referring to itself as a Caliphate, in the Middle East is just one of them.  

Don Dickinson sent this, and I have to agree with his assessment.
I have to tell you that I have little hope that the American people will get it this time around.  
The problem is a lack of leadership.  
December the 8th 1941, FDR was in the well of Congress leading the American people into war. And he later insisted that Germany and Japan be defeated to the standard of unconditional surrender. That war was won in less than four years and Germany and Japan have not caused any trouble since.  
Taking the current phase of unpleasantness with the Islamofascists as beginning with the taking of of our Iranian embassy in 1979, we have been at limited war for over 34 years to no satisfactory result. And this against a quantumly weaker enemy than was either Germany or Japan.  
Secretary of State John Kerry
recently spotted in Nantucket
Only those who are stuck on stupid can argue that endless war is preferable to getting it over with as quickly as possible using a total war grand strategy that has lasting victory and hence the restoration of peace as its goal. 
After 9/11 Bush was telling the American people to go shopping. And then he embarked upon a war on an enemy tactic rather than to defeat the enemy. In 1941 if FDR had been thinking like Bush, he would have declared war on carrier aviation. 
Now Obama has been telling the American people there's nothing much to see here.  After all, he ended the war in Iraq, right?
A Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Jackson, Polk, Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, FDR, or Reagan (maybe) could have led America the right way under any of these provocations. Now, we have nothing but various Neville Chamberlain look-alikes. 
To face the horrible truth we really don't even have anyone on the Obama team that looks half as tough as Chamberlain. 
With a series of international crises swirling out of control, America's Secretary of State was seen last week pedaling a girl's bike in Nantucket.
And this after Obama had long caught grief for his girly-man bicycling habit. The Obama crew seems so thoroughly divorced from reality that they do not even notice when they are making public fools of themselves. 
There is zero chance short of geological or divine intervention that this mess will end well. In fact, it could very easily end up making World War II look polite in comparison to the horrors that will accompany the combined whammy of the Gramsci and Cloward-Piven strategies in conscious concert with the Islamofascist strategy. 

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