Monday, August 11, 2014

Blood red clarification

"Will anyone argue that the USA just take a break from further operations in the entire Middle East / North Africa region? My recommendation would be to stand back, do nothing, and see what happens — since everything we’ve done so far just leaves things and lives shattered. Let’s even say that ISIS ends up consolidating power in Iraq, Syria, and some other places. The whole region will get a very colorful demonstration of what it is like to live under an 11th century style psychopathic despotism, and then the people left after the orgy of beheading and crucifixion can decide if they like it. The experience might be clarifying." - James Howard Kunstler

Mr. Kunstler may have a point.

Long as nukes aren't part of the arsenal, could things get much worse?

Western Civilization might wake up to what Islam looks like when practiced in pure accordance with the Koran.

I guess the downside is that bleeding heart progressive (and neo-con) governments would open the immigration gates, and flood the west with Muslim refugees who may not like the full fledged Islamic State affair, but who still want to wrangle Western Civilization into some lighter version of Sharia compliance.

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