Monday, August 11, 2014

Chicago parade shootings

Progressives really to hate it when gunfire detracts from their bread and circuses meant to distract from ongoing societal decay.

Second City Cop excerpts from Chicago media:
Bud Billiken Parade organizers on Sunday bemoaned local media focus on the shooting of two teenagers at the event instead of the celebration.  
“It’s a shame to waste that time on a minor incident that occurred,” parade organizer Beverly Reed-Scott said at a news conference Sunday afternoon at the corner of 42nd Street and Martin Luther King Drive.
SCC goes on to note:
Beverly Reed-Scott calls this "a minor incident" and thinks that not reporting the problem will make it go away. Two people with holes in their bodies is now "minor."
Years of bad policy undermining values and families have taken a deep toll. And officials seemingly no longer bother with even a facade of caring for the victims as things go from bad to worse.

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