Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cold War heats up

Drudge Report headlines this:

Russian bombers penetrated U.S. airspace at least 16 times in past 10 days

But I also saw this elsewhere:

US missile cruiser enters Black Sea again ‘to promote peace’

Reagan ended the last Cold War.

It took Obama's first term policies of appeasement toward Russia, and a series of bumblings since, to bring another one into full blossom.

Update: Minutes after posting this entry, I saw this:
“Today an emergency speech by President Vladimir Putin is expected at 20:30 on Rossiya,” one local Russian official tweeted. “Notices have been sent to all affiliates of [the television and radio company] VGTRK. 
That tweet was later deleted, but Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Svoboda Radio later confirmed that a speech by Putin was expected this evening. 
“Sources believe that the president’s speech will be related to a decree on retaliatory measures regarding the West, under which the import of products from countries that have applied sanctions regarding Russia will be restricted; there is not yet any specific information about the address from the head of state,” Svoboda reported. 
Kremlin officials later denied that Putin planned to address the nation on Thursday evening.
Putin and his people generally strike me as the types who think two or three steps ahead.

Is there something going on behind the scenes to cause what appears to be indecision or confusion?

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