Friday, August 1, 2014

Ebola and open borders

Hope n' Change Cartoons offers a chilling thought.

Weaponizing Ebola.
Consider this scenario: terrorists obtain vials of infected blood in Liberia (not hard since everything there is spinning off the rails). Transport those vials into Central America, pay off a few "coyotes," and start giving "free vitamin shots" to unsuspecting kids heading for the American border. Then just sit back and enjoy the apocalypse!
We have borders for a reason. Throughout the last century, and most of the one before that, the U.S. screened in-bound immigrants for health issues.

With Mr. Obama's policies of "discretion", we really have no real way of knowing who or what is coming across. Even many who are apprehended after crossing illegally are prepped quickly and delivered to "sponsors" or foster care in cities across America, allegedly waiting for what will be a delayed court hearing.

Sound good to you?

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