Sunday, August 3, 2014

EPA promises we'll breathe easier, while delivering choke hold

The Environmental Protection Agency swears its new carbon pollution rules for coal plants will mean cleaner air and healthier people breathing easier.

Republican senators think the EPA's touting a bunch of B-S.

From a senate committee hearing, as reported last week by PJ Media:
“EPA’s proposed rule will increase costs to families, schools, hospitals, and businesses, and will, as always, hit the poor, the elderly, and those on fixed incomes the hardest,” (Sen. David) Vitter said. “In reality, it is essentially a federal takeover of the American electricity system.  I, for one, am not comfortable with this EPA takeover, and neither are the people of Louisiana.” 
Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) asserted that the EPA is implementing an “oppressive climate agenda” that could “negatively impact every single American.” 
“The consequences of the administration’s proposed rule would be disastrous for our economy and would have miniscule impact on the environment,” Wicker said. “In summary, the proposed rule is a breathtaking regulatory overreach. It is a job-killer. It is based on questionable science. It is of dubious legality under the Clean Air Act. It amounts to an end-run against Congress. It is inflexible. It would have no effect on the climate and is therefore pointless, and it is punitive.”
Hard to think of any progressive Obama era regulation or law that's delivered as promised.

"The border's never been more secure" was an oft repeated mantra of Obama's team, until it suddenly became clear a massive surge across the border had already occurred, and more aliens were coming. They still are. Literally by the freight train load.

And who could forget this Obamacare pitch line:  "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." Even Barney Frank now chastises Obama for his Obamacare lies.

Republicans are right to challenge the EPA's choke hold over the nation's electrical utilities despite EPA contentions that all is well.

And EPA's regs will do more than just jack up power rates. Mass closures of coal fired plants now going on in America is cutting electricity production capacity on such a large scale, utilities are already having a hard time meeting peak demand.

It's beginning to feel like "If you like your electricity, you can keep your electricity."

Do we dare allow EPA to continue on its present course?

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