Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Escalating surplus ammo prices

Seems I recall the Civilian Marksmanship Program sold this ammo for Garands for 50 bucks a can around a decade ago.

And yes, there have been several price increases since then.

From today's CMP email newsletter:
HXP .30-06 AMMUNITION NOW AVAILABLE IN SPAM CANS. Spam cans of HXP .30-06 are now available for purchase. The spam cans contain 240 rds packaged in cartons of 20rds, 12 cartons per can. Manufacture dates vary from 1963 - 1978. Orders of even numbers of cans will be shipped in wooden ammo crate, two cans per crate. Price per can is $150 plus $19.95 S&H per can.
Prices of CMP Garand rifle sales going up, according to the same email. And the CMP is now combining HRA and Springfield made Garands as a single catalog entry in the Service Grade category. Ditto for Field Grade. Future orders will be randomly filled, luck of the draw.

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