Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Extremists? Who are the real extremists?

I'm beyond fed up hearing Democrats and self-labeled "governing class" Republicans bad mouthing the "Tea Party" as extremists.

Get real. Where are these judges when flag waving Communists or other radical factions cough up
Obama volunteers in Houston, TX. 2008.
members to serve as bedrock foot soldiers volunteering in the front lines of Democratic Party campaigns?

Remember how hard  MSM worked to explain away pro-communist wall hangings at an Obama primary campaign office in 2008?

Dems seem especially bent on pleasing La Raza and other immigration radical elements in the current election cycle.

Late last year, elected Democrat members of Congress staged themselves as pro-immigration activists, getting themselves arrested outside the Capitol, in a rally pushing for wider legal status for illegal immigrants.

But if candidates or voters call themselves "Tea Party" or simply espouse a reduction in federal debt, otherwise advocate for limited government, or greater levels of personal responsibility, they get instant notoriety as extremists.

Americans, you have to be smart enough to see through all this.

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