Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ferguson escalation?

I commented elsewhere yesterday on social media that a militarized police presence might not necessarily trigger the fear or instant compliance some might suspect it would. In certain circumstances, I'd expect those challenged by escalating police heavy-handedness might counter with some escalations of their own.

It seems that may be happening in Ferguson, Missouri.

The looting and rioting of last Sunday night was bad enough.

Since then, I've seen photos of cops decked out with more guns and gear than Spec Ops in a war zone. Now there are reports protesters attempted to put Molotov cocktails into play overnight.

I'm not excusing rioters. I'm not necessarily criticizing specific police tactics now deployed in Ferguson; I only have limited knowledge based on what I see in news accounts.

I am saying escalations by either side can be taken as provocations by the other, and may be met with counter escalations. And my assessment isn't limited to what's happening now in Ferguson.

Update: Since posting this, I came across (via Twitter) this item from June from Zero Hedge. Police departments may not see themselves as "preparing for war", but what's the perception of those living in communities where law enforcement agencies have gone ga-ga for federal hardware freebies?

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