Monday, August 4, 2014

GOP elites look more desperate each day

Holy mackerel, have you seen this?

The head of a so-called "centrist" Republican group has unleashed a broadside volley against more conservative groups also aligned with the Republican Party.

Steve LaTourette is former Ohio congressman who now heads the GOP's self-proclaimed Main Street Partnership.

Writing at Politico Magazine, LaTourette says conservative groups are run by nothing but a bunch of grifters:
From: Politico Magazine
Today’s political grifters are a lot like the grifters of old—lining their pockets with the hard-earned money of working men and women be promising things in return that they know they can’t deliver. 
Political grifting is a lucrative business. Groups like the Club for Growth, FreedomWorks and the Tea Party Patriots are run by men and women who have made millions by playing on the fears and anger about the dysfunction in Washington.
Meanwhile, Main Street Partnership has a funny way of describing itself.

According to its website, "Main Street is aligned with the governing wing of the Republican Party and centrist policymakers."

Reading between the lines, it strikes me Main Street sees two classes of Republicans. The elites in its "governing wing", and the schmuck voter underlings who, if they happen to be conservative, are increasingly told their values, traditions or priorities aren't worth a hoot and a holler.

So much for the Big Tent of Ronald Reagan. Guys like LaTourette seemingly demand an authoritarian Republican Party that's run top-down. Something to rival the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Dems.

But actually, I do see a big bright side to LaTourette's petulant assault on Tea Partyish factions.

It suggests cash contributions to the so-called "governing wing" elements and RINO PACs must be way, way down. Conservative cash is instead flowing to groups more in line with conservative donors.

It's the only reason I can fathom why elites would double down on Tea Party bashing in a post-primary season.

It's as if these knuckleheads think they can win elections without the party's conservative base.

And there's a whole bunch of voters out here who now find the GOP's "governing wing" as loathsome as the one the Democrats have.

H/T to @tahDeetz  for directing me to LaTourette's freakish article

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