Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gun free zones invite trouble

Federal District Judge R. Brooke Jackson rules the Cinemark movie theater in Aurora, Colorado should have reasonably foreseen the possibility of a mass murdering gunman's attack...

From the Denver Post:
"Although theaters had theretofore been spared a mass shooting incident, the patrons of a movie theater are, perhaps even more than students in a school or shoppers in a mall, 'sitting ducks,' " Jackson wrote.
The Post's story doesn't mention the theater was posted as a gun-free zone.

H/T: Fill Yer Hands

Update: Coyote Blog puts a softer tone on the judge's ruling:
...the court did not find that the shooting was foreseeable. The court found that if a jury believed the plaintiffs' experts and evidence, the jury could conceivably find that the shooting was foreseeable.
A trial on the matter of whether the theater should have had a higher level of security is set to begin in February, according to the Denver Post.

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