Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last night's Ferguson recap

My cat Thumper rousted me from a sound sleep overnight.

Once awakened, I popped on my laptop just in time to catch an overnight police news conference. Upon its conclusion, I dashed this out on Facebook:
47 arrests Tuesday night in Ferguson, three firearms (pistols) confiscated. One protester was arrested for the third time, police say he's from Austin, Tx. No Molotov cocktails thrown, though there was a spat of rocks and bottles at one point. 
Okay, that's my presser recap report courtesy of a live stream, and Thumper the cat, who apparently thought I (and perhaps you) needed to know this.
I should have also posted it here at the time, but since Thumper had gone back after the press conference ended, I took advantage and pretty much did the same.

Thumper's a very cool cat, by the way. I've written of him before.

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