Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Refugees flee Eastern Ukraine

As fighting advances on the separatist help city of Donetsk, the overall number of refugees in Eastern Ukraine rapidly escalates.

The number of people fleeing the war in eastern Ukraine to other parts of the country has jumped from 2,600 to 102,600 inside two months, the UN says. 
Its figures for early June to early August coincide with a sharp increase in fighting between pro-Russian separatist rebels and security forces. 
More than 1,000 people are leaving the combat zone every day, the UN says. 
A further 168,000 have crossed into neighbouring Russia, which has been accused of fueling the insurrection.
If Russia's the villain that's "fueling the insurrection", why have a majority of those who flee the fighting fled into Russia for safety?

I'm not particularly picking on the BBC, its coverage of Ukraine's conflict strikes me as better than most. But overall, western media seems to be providing incomplete, less than balanced coverage of what seems to be a bona fide civil war with a complex history and mounting military and civilian casualties.

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