Sunday, August 3, 2014

Remember when these spoofs were funny?

Remember Second City TV's "World War III project"?

Funny when it launched just under a year ago, today the globe seems on an uncanny path to fulfillment of SCTV's Obama infomercial parody.

The WWIII spoof reminded me of the Columbia biz school's 2006 Bernanke spoof. It dates from the Bush years, but Bernanke's brand of economic wizardry ran well into Obama's terms.

Can you still call something a parody when it turns out to be darn close to prophetic?

Reality check.

Well, Bernanke's gone. And no, we're not on the brink of World War III. At least not just yet.

But the trappings of Cold War have certainly seen revival since Hillary Clinton delivered her "reset button."  Russians now post anti-Obama zingers on Twitter, but the U.S. - Russia tit-for-tats on other levels are far more serious.

By the way, China now lays claim to a new generation of nuclear missiles capable of delivering multiple warheads to the U.S.

Where's our president on all this? His priority seems focused on partisan fundraising, or booking photo ops with people like single moms he can meet with at burger joints. Obama's also opened our our borders, making the U.S. a de facto boarding school for tens of thousands of Central American youth who've been enticed to trek north.

And then there's golf. And high profile vacations.

I fear enemies see our USA today as suffering from an unprecedented lack of leadership, and operating at unprecedented levels of weakness as the result of six years of Obama.

How far will they push to take advantage while Obama's still (kinda sorta) at the helm?

Postscript: Don't get me wrong, I still get a laugh from these parodies. But it's a darker humor now, with far more serious undertones.

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