Saturday, August 9, 2014

The faces of ISIS, Sunni factions, and Barack Obama

When watching this video profiling ISIS fighters in Syria, keep the following questions in mind:

  • Why did Barack Obama underplay the rise of ISIS and its escalating threats to the region?
  • If Bashir Assad's Syrian forces continue to oppose ISIS militarily, why do Obama and John Kerry continue to target Assad's removal from power?
  • In Iraq, why does Obama insist that U.S. air power only be used to target advancing convoys or other ISIS tactial moves; why does Obama apparently rule out targeting ISIS commanders and control centers?

Are the faces and goals of ISIS much different those of the militias Obama assisted in Libya when he deployed U.S. air power to weaken Gaddafi, allowing Jihadists to destroy Libya's central government?

President Obama and his team have seemingly skewed to side of Hamas when attempting diplomatic intervention over Israeli military operations in Gaza.

Same president stood firmly behind the Muslim Brotherhood's short lived rise to power in Egypt.

We seem to have a president and collection of presidential underlings who consistently line up on the wrong side of things. Repeat offenses appear to be more a matter of intentional agenda rather than a series of policy bumbles.

We seem to have a president repeatedly drawn to, or enamored with, radical Sunni Islamic factions. What we lack is a clear indication as to why Obama and the White House steer this dangerous and inflammatory course.

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