Saturday, August 16, 2014

The media as a community organizer

The New York Times almost seems to bemoan what it sees a lack of leadership as hindering protests in Ferguson. Too many groups, going too many directions to suit the times. Perhaps real potential to exploit the crisis in Ferguson is being lost...

And yes, the whole mess in Ferguson, in the eyes of the New York Times, results of what the Times sees as white power structure.

Give it up, New York Times.

White power structure had nothing to do with a cigar robbery at a liquor store that put a whole mess of other things in motion. Maybe the cops were a little too showy with MRAPs and such in the first hours or days of disturbances in Ferguson, but the same kind of heavy handed policing can exist in majority black American cities where African Americans hold the strings of power. And the pockets of poverty and despair are just as big, probably deeper and wider, in the big cities compared to those in surrounding suburbs.

BTW, I don't necessarily read the Times on a regular basis. Has it had any coverage about the radical groups that have converged on Ferguson, reportedly coming with an open message advocating violence?

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