Monday, September 1, 2014

Arab operator inks Port Canaveral deal

Here's another one I missed earlier this summer.

From the June 23rd Orlando Sentinel:
A U.S. subsidiary of Middle Eastern cargo company Gulftainer has signed a 35-year, $100 million agreement to boost cargo operations with a new terminal at Port Canaveral. 
It’s the first U.S. location for Gulftainer, a United Arab Emirates company that has been seeking entry into U.S. markets for years.
Is it smart to give a Middle Eastern firm such access to operations at Port Canaveral?

Port Canaveral is adjacent to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, the east coast center were the U.S. military (and civilian industry) launch satellites via rockets. It's also the test range for military missiles.

Port Canaveral is a relatively small port, and routinely hosts U.S. and British nuclear subs for off-shore launch tests of their missile deterrent.

Seems there's a Brit attack sub there now.

I lived in the area 30 years ago. It was always a good time in the bars when a British crew showed up.

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