Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Are we a Christian nation? Is Christianity still a religion?

A Muslim and ranking member in Turkey's government has declared that Christianity is no longer a religion. 

On one hand, it seems a pretty pompous thing to say.

On the other, Western Civilization has been shaped less and less by Christian doctrine and true religious observance for decades. Yet we do maintain some of the cultural trappings, our holidays for instance.

Maybe this is why some practitioners of Islam now treat the U.S. and other traditionally Christian nations as soft targets. Perhaps our decline in the number of people versed in and practicing Christianity as a religion, and a failure of Christians to take a stand for the doctrines and dogma of the faith, are part of what's allowed Islam to make recent inroads in our formerly Christian nations.

Practitioners of Islam likely see the now godless secular West as ripe for conquest.

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