Friday, September 26, 2014

Eric Holder to soon say 'buh-bye'

I was on the road yesterday so didn't closely follow the Eric Holder resignation story.

Did a little catching up last night.

My off-the-cuff, gut assessment:

The Democrats need something to stir things up before the mid-terms, something that lets them point fingers at Republicans where they yell and scream about "obstructionism."

The Dems attempt to use impeachment as such a measure got circumvented. So maybe a ginned up AG nomination fight can fill the gap on short notice.

I do find the timing of a Holder resignation a bit odd. Mr. Holder inserted himself in the Ferguson, Missouri mess in a big way. For all the stirring that was done, it seems odd Holder's chosen now to walk away.

Then again, Holder's leaving appears contingent on Obama getting a replacement.  And if Obama picks a flawed nominee (or two or three), and can't secure a senate confirmation vote, I wonder how much longer Mr. Holder might continue in his present capacity.

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