Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gun parts pricing

I'm noticing that parts for military surplus rifles are commanding higher prices these days - if you can find the part.

I occasionally price bolts or bolt components for Mosin Nagant rifles. A year or so ago, a bolt went for around $35 each, and you could often get a price break by ordering in quantity.

Today? They're hard to find in stock at the usual online sellers, and on eBay, the nicer ones look like they're going for around 50 bucks or so.

M-1 Garand parts are also getting pricier. A couple years back, I watched prices for complete trigger groups on eBay, and recall seeing most eventually go for between $79 and $130. I checked some out last night, with most priced starting at $129, and going much higher depending on manufacturer or serial number.

Military surplus ammo for the Mosins and Garands is also priced much, much higher than just a couple years ago.

A 440 round spam can of Russian made 7.62 x 54R now runs about a hundred bucks now, if you can find it.

For years, the only military surplus ammo I've seen for the Garand has seen sold through the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Currently, the only 30-06 ammo at the CMP is Greek HXP, being sold 200 loose rounds packed in old ammo cans at $118 per can.

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