Tuesday, September 2, 2014

May be hard to get a burger on Thursday

At least if you're in the core of one of the targeted cities.

Fast food minimum wage activists plan to be out in force on Thursday targeting fast food franchises and operators. Organizers say civil disobedience may taken place in some of the targeted cities. 

The demonstrations are being organized by Fast Food Forward, a coalition reportedly funded at least in part by SEIU.

Organizers claim they'll be out in as many as 150 cities.

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  1. Hey Doug,

    I was reading on one of the guys there commenting that he has been there for a couple of years, can only get 30 hours a week and he can't support a family on that. Well for starters...minimum wage jobs are "starter" jobs for teenagers entering the workforce. Not a job for a family...also the 30 hour cap is due to your hero pet legislation *Obamacare*. You want more money..go back to school, get a trade. Burger flipping isn't a trade.