Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stalinist America? Or a disturbed teacher removed from a classroom setting?

Strange story out of Maryland.

A middle school teacher was apparently whisked away by the sheriff for an involuntary psychological medical evaluation. Initial news reporting last week by WBOC TV seemed to indicate the teacher's fictional books, including one that had a story line with school shootings, was the trigger that set the involuntary confinement in motion.

The school and the teacher's home were apparently searched for bombs or other weapons, but it's reported none were found.

To its credit, The Atlantic dug a little deeper into the story. In a second page update, The Atlantic reports officials now alleged there's more behind their concerns of mental instability than just the teacher's novels.

Hard to say which way this one goes. Did school administrators overreact, or were they and local law enforcement just incompetent in the way they handled initial disclosures?

By the way, one of the books in question, the one with the school shootings, appears to have been available since August 2011, can be purchased for Kindle through Amazon, and has a story line set in the year 2902.

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