Sunday, October 12, 2014

A well stocked pantry

Here's more evidence a well stocked pantry and holding some other extra household supplies are key to surviving an Ebola (or any other) epidemic. 

The UK Guardian carries the first person story of a 13 year old in Liberia who has witnessed Ebola close up, and been forced to live in an intentionally isolated community:
Our community was quarantined from the rest of town and we were told that no one could leave or enter for 21 days. We were surrounded by police and military: it was scary as no one could buy or sell from within the “isolation”, nor could any business people come in to sell. People who attempted to sneak out, in need of food, were forced by the guards to return.
Even though my aunt had been discharged from the hospital, she was too weak to go in search for food or prepare any for the family so we really suffered from hunger. No one brought us food or water for the first two weeks of isolation. In the third week, a charity group brought bulgur, oil and beans.
You don't have to buy exotic survival foods for preparation. A few weeks worth of extra canned goods might be enough to make a difference.

There's no harm in buying ahead, and staying ahead, on foods you and your family eat anyway. Doesn't hurt to be a cycle or two ahead on toiletries and other personal grooming articles.

Even if Ebola never comes our way,  it just makes sense to have some kind of personal backup supplies.

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