Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola scare at Benning

Ebola rumors circulated in and around Fort Benning near Columbus, Georgia on Friday.

It wasn't until late in the day that the commander there, Major General Scott Miller confirmed a soldier was under observation.

From the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer:
During in-processing, the soldier was identified as having traveled to Nigeria. Later, after receiving immunizations, he had a high temperature and was sent to Martin Army Hospital, where he has been isolated and is being monitored. Miller said it's likely the soldier's fever "can be attributed to immunizations he received during in-processing."
So, Miller says the soldier's affliction is likely not Ebola. But doctors at Martin Army Hospital are consulting with the CDC.  

I have to wonder what took so long for the Army to give on-the-record clarification. 

Allowing panic to swell probably wasn't in anyone's best interest.

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