Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Got pets?

Every buy pet food on Amazon?

Pet food is getting expensive.

We have a dog we rescued years ago that needs a special diet. The dry food she eats runs around $50 for a large bag, and the canned stuff we mix in with the dry can run $3.19 a can at brick and mortar pet stores.

We love the dog, and have to feed her what keeps her well.

Anyway, I checked this weekend and found the exact same canned food on sale. Only $2.25 a can when bought by the case. And two cases run the total past the point to qualify for free shipping.

Ordered a couple of cases, may order more if the sale continues.

I've stumbled across similar discounts on run of the mill canned cat food in the past, and bought in bulk when I did.

I really like to shop local when I can. But a bargain is a bargain, and I'll take 'em where I can find 'em.

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