Friday, October 10, 2014

Government's Ebola plan: Reality or PC fantasy?

Government may insist it has the Ebola crisis covered. But does it really have the grip on the situation it claims?

Past Ebola outbreaks burned themselves out in rapid time.  This one's still seems in Energizer Bunny mode. Question is, how much longer does this run of Ebola have?

A blog called Raconteur Report points out, there's no way a U.S. military Ebola response can match the compounding rate and speed of the current outbreak if continues to compound at present rates.

Everything about the current crew in Washington is guided by politics, timing and polls.

Worries me they seem to treat Ebola by political rules rather than age-old historical means of dealing with epidemics.

Generations past were quick to invoke quarantines to protect America from epidemics. Ship travel made it easier, incubation periods took place at sea, infected travelers - at least some of them - generally showed signs of illness upon arrival.

Quarantine islands and plague houses were oft at the ready in an earlier America.

Not so today.  Politicians, even those operating under a public health banner, fret over political risk of preventing someone's travel or even delaying it. They fret of economic disruptions by limiting travel, but I suspect they fail to factor in the economic disruptions they may be setting in motion by not doing enough to keep seed carriers out.

Hindsight's always 20/20.

Time will tell if Ebola reaches America in epidemic proportions.

If Ebola's not the big one, it's at least giving us a glimpse of how prepared or unprepared we're going to be when the big one gets here.

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