Saturday, October 11, 2014

The way we were

"It is amusing to observe what the ability for self-preservation is among children in a country where nursemaids are rare. It frightened me at first to see mere babies playing on broken wooden bridges, where the rushing water below might be seen through large holes; and little boys climbing trees which slanted over a rocky precipice; or getting into a canoe tossing on a rough river. But I find that accidents to children are rarely or never heard of. The obvious results of such training are a dexterity, fearlessness, and presence of mind, and aptitude for bodily exercises, which are of eminent use in mature life." - Harriet Martineau, Society in America, published 1837

Strikes me this was kind of the norm at least into the late 1950s.

Will recent generations raised as more insulated children be able to carry America forward in a recognizable manner?

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