Friday, October 3, 2014

The White House talks Ebola

A very uncharacteristic Friday late afternoon briefing on the Ebola crisis caught my attention.

The White House lined up a crop of talking heads to insist the government and America's medical infrastructure has everything in place to keep us safe.

But wait.  The same White House has a president who said just two weeks ago it was unlikely Ebola would even get here in the first place.

The timing on this presser concerns me. Friday afternoon info releases in DC are usually intended to get overlooked by news consumers. The fact these people rushed on camera so late in the day seems to suggest panic behind the scenes.

Interesting too that the White House held Ebola conference was held in competition to Obama's own Friday afternoon event in Indiana on the topic of manufacturing. Yes, the president was out of town in Indiana when the White House made its big Ebola info push.

Does the White House know more Ebola bad news will be breaking over the weekend, and the afternoon event was a last minute attempt to get out in front of it, or were there other considerations?

Midterm elections are just a month away.

For those who missed the live White House briefing, a Twitter recap via Twitchy can be found here.

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