Friday, October 31, 2014

Their path to "social justice" is a downward spiral

Community organizers and the rowdies who follow them are hurting, if not be killing, the economy and community in Ferguson, Missouri.

The CBS station in St. Louis reports many Ferguson businesses are boarded up, some have hired additional security. On the demand side, shoppers are shopping elsewhere, unwilling to venture into areas that have been plagued with unrest, and that have potential to erupt again.

Who do you think will get the blame when jobs, and access to goods and services, dry up and go away?

I suspect the same organizers will holler and scream about greedy business owners deserting their under served community.

You can't expect business to stick around when mobs frequently unleash everything from traffic disruptoins to rioting. It's hard for anyone to go about their business when communities descend into something more akin to mob rule and the resulting chaos that ensues.

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  1. Hey Doug,

    Businesses will flat out bail...they already have high overhead due to the"cost of doing business in the urban areas" They won't come back and neither will the patrons that don't want to get trapped if the local get rowdy.