Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What's with the photo?

Michelle Nunn's running a campaign ad saying that photo of her with Barack Obama was taken at a Points of Light function with the elder George Bush present.  Nunn seems to imply she's not aligned with Obama.

In that context, I find another photo most interesting. It's one that appeared in the Washington Post where Michelle Nunn and Michelle Obama were snapped holding hands at an event in Georgia.

Is it credible to think anything other than Nunn's staunnchly aligned with the Obamas?

If you still harbor some doubt, here's what Harry Reid said last year, before most folks began paying attention to the Nunn campaign:

Meanwhile, when watching local TV, I'm assaulted nearly every commercial break by a Nunn ad vowing bi-partisanship.

Seriously, Michelle. Thanks to your friends, even the sheeple should see where your allegiance lies.

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  1. Hey Doug,

    There are enough gullible whites that will vote for her and the blacks will not leave the democrat she has a good chance of winning.....then the people that voted for her will be shocked when she aligns with the liberals...she will be like Max Cleland...One term than gone.