Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Another move to stoke the fires of class war

The Obama administration, its appointees and bureaucrats keeping driving the wedge where ever they can.

From the Wall Street Journal:
Companies are preparing for a controversial new federal rule that will force them to disclose just how much more the top boss makes than the rank-and-file worker. 
By year-end, the Securities and Exchange Commission may adopt a regulation requiring most public U.S. companies to disclose the ratio of pay between their chief executive and their typical employee. At a time when pay disparities are a hot political and business issue, the coming rule may put businesses in the sticky spot of having to explain why the highest executive is rewarded so richly while regular workers make comparatively little.
The proposed rule sounds like a perfect complement to an Elizabeth Warren (or Hillary Clinton) presidential bid.

Keep stoking the fires of class war.

So much of what Obama and his team do now reminds me of an article I read a few years back. One where a young collegian named Obama reportedly longed for a Marxist revolution in America that he seemed sure was coming.

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