Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black Friday big fail

Maybe it was too much hype. Maybe it was rioters in Ferguson.

Maybe it was the politically conservative American shopper showing disdain for greedy retailers infringing on the hallowed Thanksgiving holiday.

Whatever it was, it hurt retail's bottom line big time.

Spending for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend was down eleven percent, the number of shoppers was down, and those who did show up spent less than those shopping the holiday weekend last year.

Black Friday ads started showing up in my email in September. By the time it the real day got here, any freshness and sizzle that used make it special was long gone.

I have to suspect Thanksgiving Day openings also worked to diminish what was once the Black Friday phenomenon. While millions may have shopped Thursday openings, many millions more stayed away. And I think a lot of Thursday's boycotters didn't see Friday the same knowing stores had been open the night before.

2014 may be the year it finally happened; the year Black Friday retailers jumped the shark.

Fits right in with a whole series of downward trends facing America right now. Little's being done to fix any of it; folks in charge too busy trying to convince you everything's just hunky-dory.

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