Saturday, November 29, 2014

Buying time ain't cheap

While media first stokes the fires, then makes excuses for Ferguson...

While Obama makes his unilateral move to flood our labor market with immigrants, and more are on the way with potential to overwhelm social services...

While we still counting down to the biggest shock Obamacare's packing, the employer mandate...

While OPEC dumps cheap oil in the U.S. on a scale that could eventually implode our newly revitalized drilling industry, something that could also trigger a wave of big bank distress or failures...

We have the U.S. government making continuing desperate moves to paper over our rising national debt problem.

From CNS News: U.S. Treasury issues a trillion dollars in new debt in eight weeks - to repay old debt

2014's been ugly enough.

2015 promises to be uglier.

Ugly enough that it should make you wonder, what's gonna be left by 2016?

Update: Don and I will expand on these topics and more on our December 5th radio program.

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