Sunday, November 2, 2014

Christmas music in retail. Too much, too soon

I really like to shop local brick 'n mortar retailers when I can. From indy businesses to big box chains, I think we're all better off when these outlets employ our neighbors, and make it easy for us to pick up what we need or want without having to wait days for delivery.

But when I went shopping today, I stopped browsing to look up. Bing Crosby's White Christmas was coming from the speakers above. Seriously? It's only November 2nd.

A more secular music choice followed... and I resumed shopping.  But three or four songs later, Elton John's Step Into Christmas was playing in my head,,, and throughout the store.

Too much, too soon. Was a time when Christmas music right after Thanksgiving was pushing the envelop.

I'm sure conventional retail wisdom assumes that Christmas music puts shoppers in a holiday buying mood. I have to wonder if it's a mistaken assumption.

I can shop at home all day online and not be subjected to too-early Christmas music.

I purchased a few things in the store today, but didn't get all I came for. I headed to check out once Elton's Step In started.

Once home, I finished my shopping. On Amazon.

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