Saturday, November 8, 2014

Former Obama cheerleader sees something's very wrong

"It’s as if he doesn’t think he has to work with others, he only has to be right. I think Mr. Obama sees himself as a centrist because he often resists the pressures of the leftward-most edge of his base. Therefore in his imagination he is in the middle, the center. If he is in the middle of a great centrist nation, how can they turn on him? The answer: They are confused. This is their flaw, not his. He’s not going to let their logical flaws change his game." - Peggy Noonan, writing in the Wall Street Journal

Noonan thought Barack quite the hottie back in 2008. She gushed and gushed over Obama and his candidacy right up to the election. Poor Peggy. Finally seeing what some of us saw - and said - long, long ago.

Still, Noonan opines Obama seems only "mildly delusional."

I think her mind continues to underplay what's unfolding.

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