Friday, November 21, 2014

Got grid?

Sure, we have an electrical grid.

But top security officials says it can be compromised.

Chinese hackers, and others, have the capability to throw the country into blackout, or so we're told.

Anyone have an idea how long a restart would take from a full-down scenario?

No inbound radar images to tell of a coming cyber attack, either.

Once the grid's down, how many defense systems are compromised that are intended to respond or retaliate to a more conventional (or nuclear) attack.

Here's another sticky scenario, targeting an EMP to come right on the heels of a cyber-caused.

We live in a complex world with sophisticated adversaries.

And thanks to our confused leaders, they've never perceived America's to be weaker.

How tempted might they be to take full advantage of these circumstances?

Or at least tempted to just turn off our lights, and watch us squirm and flounder?

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