Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gruber was Obamacare wizard

Jonathan Gruber, who's recently outed deceptions used to sell Americans on Obamacare, was once a darling of the Left for his ability to craft and sell the program.

The White House touted his economic analysis, though it failed to disclose Gruber was being highly paid for his glowing pre-passage asessment.

In 2012, the New York Times profiled Gruber as a "wizard" behind Obamacare. Not only did Gruber work directly for the White House, the White House loaned him to Congress to work directly with staffers there.

The Times story makes it even more ludicrious that Nancy Pelosi claimed earlier this week not to know who Gruber was. Pelosi's office has since tried to backtrack, saying the former House speaker didn't know Gruber personally, but even that seems unlikely considering Gruber's high profile role in engineering passage of Obamacare legislation.

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