Saturday, November 29, 2014

Laundry day when the grid goes down

I like this idea. But double the recommendation of installing a grab-bar before trying it at home.

A writer to suggests using a bathtub for laundry duty, and make like you're stomping grapes for wine:
Have children (or adults) stomp, march, stomp, and dance on the laundry. Installing a grab bar all around the tub will help avoid mishaps. This will get the dirt out, and works best on heavy work clothes, which are the hardest to wash by hand. 
I can almost hear the off-key singing.

"Oh, I've been stomping on the blue jeans, all the live long day... "

Two tubs make up the laundry facilities at a trailer park in San Diego, circa 1940
Sign says "These Tubbs [sic] are for clothes only. No dishes, no dogs. Nothing but clothes."
Courtesy: Library of Congress

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