Friday, November 21, 2014

Letter to a Republican senator

This is the text of an email letter I sent this morning to Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA): 
For nearly six years, the GOP in DC has played appeasement games with Barack Obama. 
Last year, you, Sen. Isakson, even rounded up GOP senators so Obama could have a crack at lobbying them over dinner. 
No more. 
Obama grows bolder with each abuse he gets away with. 
He and his wife promised fundamental transformation in 2008, and it's looking plenty ugly. Michelle stressed then that Obama's goal would be to change our traditions, and change our history. And they're making ugly strides to erase the free standing America as we knew it. 
You trusted Obama to negotiate an arms deal with Russia. And Russia now puts bombers and boomers off our shores with alarming regularity. 
Your GOP has failed to stand and fight for budget reduction that you all promised.
It's time to stop surrendering. Even if your surrender is crafted to appear to be something else. 
Do the right thing. Stop Obama's immigration power grab. 
The electoral victory earlier this month didn't happen out of trust for the GOP. It happened because the GOP offered an expedient hope of forcing some kind of Obama accountability.   
So now it's time to do the right thing.  
Defund him. Shut him down. 
And please, no games where you kick the can down the road, and he can override your "efforts" with a veto later. 
I sent a similar letter to Georgia's other senator, the soon to retire Saxby Chamblis.

The ball's in our court people.

Write your congressman and senators. Regardless of their party affiliation.

State your case clearly and concisely.

It's time to put pressure on those we've elected and sent to DC.

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