Sunday, November 30, 2014

Modern day slaves in Britain?

An official now says there could be as many as 13,000 people who live functionally as slaves in modern Britain. It's a figure four times that of previous estimates. These include domestic workers, women forced into prostitution, as well as field, factory and fishing boat workers, according to the UK Telegraph.

Has the number risen in recent times, or has it always been under counted?

Recent disarmament march in Britain
Regardless, I have to wonder if Britain's obsession with preventing its people access to personal arms is contributing factor. The British are not only denied possession of firearms, knives are now becoming taboo. Even passively defending life or property can get you in serious legal trouble.

A population that's disarmed and conditioned not to defend itself is a population that's being conditioned for slavery. So yes, I'm not at all surprised Britain now finds large numbers of its people now live under slave-like conditions.


  1. To what extent does the rise of Islam in Britain play part in its surge in slavery?

  2. Ahh the land of crumpets and empty scrotum's