Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Net neutrality sounds good on the surface

President Obama comes out for regulation of the Internet.

The regulation plan is all gussied up as something called "net neutrality", and it probably sounds pretty good to the naive. Yes, there may be flaws with the way some Internet providers skew things now.

But a progressive push for net neutrality opens Pandora's box, puts government in a position of control including potential for control of content.

In an era where government is either simply sloppy or has a hidden agenda for most everything it does (sometimes both), now's not the time to give it potential to reign over the Internet and Internet content.

Net neutrality may sound good for some reasons. But I don't think comparisons to Obamacare should be dismissed out of hand. Not with the current administration that's running Washington, not in light its continued commitment to fundamentally change America.

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