Thursday, November 20, 2014

Obama looked weak

Obama's go-it-alone immigration change speech was a dud even by Obama standards.

He spoke of immigrant fathers working two or three jobs to support their families, completely overlooking the millions of citizens who can't find one job.

He kept telling us who we are as a nation. We're the same nation he pledged to fundamentally transform six years ago... His wife once said we'd have to change our history and traditions.

He used his Gruberesque tale of a secure border, and claimed he's deported more illegals than anyone.

Egad, Obama even tried to quote a little scripture.

He looked like he didn't believe half what he was saying. And that he knew even the low infos weren't buying it.

He seemed to keep things intentionally bland, perhaps hoping his specific words will soon be forgotten, that there will be no soundbites from the speech going viral.

Now he'll wait for Republican or conservative push back. And he'll claim they started the fight.

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