Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Scary? No, not really

Harry Reid's at it again.

Saying GOP talk of a government shutdown, regardless of how limited such talk is, is "scary."

What's so scary about holding a rogue president and other unconstitutional forces in check?

The Constitution designates budgeting approval to be separate from the executive branch for this very reason, a system of checks and balances to prevent a renegade executive.

Progressives hate the idea of a government shutdown. A shutdown would show their executive is not invincible, not omnipotent.

Americans may have lost their messianic zeal for Mr. Obama long ago, but I suspect most still need some waking up to understand the true menace he continues to pursue against America.

It's not that Congress threatens too much to hold Obama in check. It's that it hasn't yet done enough.

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