Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Van Jones live in Ferguson

Having Van Jones, the former (so some say) communist, former Obama White House czar, and fan of 2011's Occupy movement on the ground in Ferguson and having him play a major on-camera role was a really stupid move on CNN's part.

I'm not the only one to think so.

From the Baltimore Sun:
But all the good reporting by Carroll and others at CNN was seriously compromised by the terrible decision to have political commentator Van Jones on the ground with Lemon. 
Was it CNN's intent to intentionally inject bias?

The Sun goes on:
Jones was so far out of his depth and so far off in his assessment of the actual situation all night that you had to wonder if CNN President Jeff Zucker or any of his executives were actually watching the coverage.
Jones was a big cheerleader for stirring up the streets with Occupy and copy cat movements in 2011. Here's a clip from MSNBC back then:

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Here's a 2011 tweet where Jones was cheering Occupy:

He was out in front again last night, clearly working to pull CNN's live coverage in a typical Jones direction, at the same time exploiting trouble in Ferguson seemingly to fit his personal political agenda.

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